Unexpected Results Yielded by International Enterprise Survey in Different Countries of the World

The SESP Association would like to share with you the first results of a business environment survey of the countries participating in Global Entrepreneurship Week 2012. This year the above international initiative has covered 125 countries.

The survey has indicated that a political climate in emerging economies does not play such a significant role for launching and developing private business as expected. At least, that is what successful businessmen think. This is one of general conclusions presented in a preliminary document based on results of an enterprise survey covering over 3000 entrepreneurs in 34 countries of the world.

The business development promotion policy in such countries as China, India, Kenya, New Zealand and the USA was most positively assessed. Ukraine, Greece, Venezuela, Andorra and Poland were however the five states with the most negative perception of the political climate.

In general, all countries of East Europe (Belarus, Hungary, Latvia, Poland, Rumania, Russia and Ukraine) feature a negative political climate of strategies for access to foreign markets (IPO), tax reliefs and incentives for commercialization of research works. Development of mentorship culture as a way of business support also leaves much to be desired.

Ukraine has negative response virtually by all indicators. Most criticism was drawn to policy related to the availability and accessibility of capital, a profit tax and legitimacy of entrepreneurship as career.